Speaking out against media violence against women with #NOTokay / #PAScorrect

When I see something that's not okay, I will say it's #NOTokay.

When you want to start a conversation about something hard, it helps to know you aren’t alone. And the YWCA is taking that lesson to heart with a new campaign called #NOTokay / #PAScorrect.

The campaign urges all of us to highlight and challenge the violence women face and how it is depicted—both in a personal sense and by asking people to speak out when they see the inappropriate use, depiction or media coverage of violence.

And we’re heartened to see how many Canadian unions and labour activists are standing with them, spreading the word and joining the campaign, posting with the hashtags #NOTokay and #PAScorrect.

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See you at CanRoots East this weekend in Toronto?

You should come to CanRoots East. Toronto: Nov. 28-29If you’ve planned progressive campaigns, you know how valuable experience and skills are, whether they’re your own or others’.

That’s the idea behind CanRoots, a gathering of activists and organizers inspired by the New Organizing Institute’s annual RootsCamp. This weekend, NOW is proud to sponsor CanRoots East in Toronto—and if you’re in the neighbourhood, we’d love for you to join us.

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NOW supports the $10/Day Child Care Plan… and we’d like you to join us

Newest member of the NOW family and hopeful recipient of $10/day child care (image: sonogram)As a workplace full of parents—and now one parent-to-be—we’re acutely aware of the challenges so many families face around childcare. It’s hard enough to find a facility you trust to look after and nurture your little people. Add in the high cost and the lack of actual available spaces, and it’s overwhelming—even for parents who are adept at being advocates and navigating the system.

Which is why NOW has joined the growing list of businesses supporting the Community Plan for a Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning—better known as the $10/Day Child Care Plan.

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Happy Diwali!

Diwali is one of the most cherished holidays for many Indians around the world, symbolizing the victory of good over evil. Originally celebrated as a harvest festival, the holiday has evolved into a family celebration to invite goodness into homes and lives. It’s a time of festive family gatherings, lighting diyas (clay lamps), fireworks, and sharing of sweets.

In light of recent events, let’s continue to stand up for and fight for the victory of good over evil, lightness over darkness.

Happy Diwali everyone!


We just posted this on Facebook, and wanted to share it here, too.

Hours after the last shots have died away, parliamentarians and staff are still in lockdown, out of an abundance of concern for safety and security.

It will end, of course, and there will be tears and relief tonight. But can we hope that there will also be a renewed appreciation for the women and men who bring Canadian democracy – imperfect as it is – to life?

From Members of Parliament and their staff, to the employees of the House of Commons, Senate and Library, to the security guards who came so readily to their defence this morning: all of these people make sacrifices large and small so that Canadians from all walks of life can have some say in our government, and some voice in our country’s future.

It has become an article of faith for some commentators that anybody involved in politics has their nose in the trough, that they’re only in this to line their pockets, that it’s a game to them and nothing else. And that narrative certainly serves anyone who wants to see the public sector and all it does wither away.

But it isn’t true. Of course there are corrupt individuals, mixed motives and bad behaviour. But as anyone knows who has worked with those seeking elected office, and those they employ, there are an overwhelming number of people in public life with a passionate desire to build a better, fairer society. The stress on their families can be enormous; the incessant criticism and personal attacks can be corrosive; the knowledge that progress is all too often incremental can be discouraging. And today, add to that list the threat of physical danger.

We are proud that we work with good, decent people who take on tough, challenging jobs. And we are proud to know that, once the dust settles from today’s horrors, they’ll be back on the job: in Parliament, in provincial and territorial legislatures, in city and town councils and on school boards across the country.

Let’s hope that the chorus attacking civic engagement can still its voices for just a little while. And let’s offer some appreciation for the honest work of democratic representation.

Meet NOW’s new Executive Director of Operations

Michele Della MattiaWe’re delighted to announce that Michele Della Mattia is NOW’s brand-new Executive Director of Operations. It’s a completely new role, and nobody could be better suited to it than Michele.

Michele has a depth of hands-on knowledge of every aspect of NOW’s operations that few of us could hope to rival. Michele has worked with us since 1999: starting at the reception desk, then quickly taking on media coordination and ad trafficking. She proved to be adept at orchestrating a thousand moving parts into a seamless whole, and got to the point where she could pretty much recite passages of the ACTRA contract from memory. (Did you ever catch one of her dramatic readings? Chills.)

As senior account manager, she’s shown a tenacity and attention to detail that keeps projects on track and delights clients. Her combination of curiosity and caring means she often knows what you need before you do, but listens carefully so she gets it right.

Now, as our Executive Director of Operations, Michele will help make sure our entire team has the resources and support to excel at helping you meet your toughest communication challenges. And she will continue to keep our systems, workflow and technology streamlined and up to date, so your campaign goes smoothly from start to finish.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming her to this new leadership role. And please let us know if you have any questions – or want to pass on your congratulations!

New MGEU ads profile the real people – and services – behind the word “clerical”

A mosaic of stills from two MGEU ads

Sometimes a vague phrase can hide an important idea — or some important people.

Take “clerical workers”. For most people, those words probably don’t create much of a picture in their heads. Whatever image they do get probably involves paper and not much else.

That’s partly because a lot of the work those employees do happens behind the scenes. Their jobs are a big part of what makes the work of more visible public-sector workers — such as teachers, firefighters, nurses or librarians — as effective and valuable as it is.

That’s the challenge the Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union decided to take on with their latest campaign: replacing that vague image with real human faces.

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Preventing the next disaster: Teamsters Canada campaigns for safer freight rail


In July of last year, a runaway crude-oil freight train exploded in Lac-Mégantic, killing at least 42 people and devastating the town's centre. It was the deadliest rail disaster in Canada in nearly 150 years… but by no means the only one, with a freight rail accident happening every 60 hours.

In the aftermath of Lac-Mégantic, Canadians have been asking tough questions about rail safety and deregulation. And Teamsters Canada, whose 1250,000 members include more than 12,000 rail workers, is campaigning hard for safer rail transportation.

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World Teachers’ Day: a big thanks to teachers (and their unions!) everywhere

Teaching: an around-the-clock job - World Teachers' Day 2014

We’re thankful every day to work so closely with teachers. To the the BC Teachers’ Federation, Manitoba Teachers’ Society and Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, and teachers’ unions across Canada — and to the dedicated teaching professionals they represent — our thanks for everything you do.

Meet Allegra… again

Allegra in a 22-year-old leaflet... and Allegra today

“We’d love to have you work with us, but we’d like to see a little more experience on this resume. Can you come back in about, say, 22 years?”

We’re delighted to introduce the newest member of the NOW team. And if you can’t help but think there’s something familiar about her, something you can’t quite put your finger on, there may be a reason for that.

Allegra Strazicich actually first worked for us as a model back in 1992 — at the age of six months, as the adorable face on the front of a leaflet we produced on health reform.

More than two decades later, she’s back. And this time, instead of welcoming 1990s readers to better health care at home and in the community, today she welcomes visitors and clients to NOW at our front desk. (She also keeps us organized, and has the troubleshooting tenacity of a particularly conscientious badger.)

You find out more about Allegra right here.