Your best stock photo option may be DIY

Cartoon: Woman writing backwards on a window, Help! I'm trapped in an unoriginal stock photo!If you’ve ever had to search for a stock photo, you’re probably painfully aware of just how hard that can be. It’s especially difficult for labour and progressive communicators, because so much commercial stock photography caters to the business audience — which means you’re wading through a lot of smiling faces in boardrooms.

That doesn’t mean it’s hopeless (we use stock photography regularly). But you can do a lot of slogging, and wind up with a photo that only kind-of-sort-of does the job.

What’s the alternative? Becoming your own stock photo house. And having helped a number of our clients set up photo shoots and start building their own libraries, we’ve learned some useful lessons about how to do it.

We’ve distilled that advice for you in our latest NOW How, Build your own stock photo library. We’ll walk you through laying the groundwork and figuring out what photos you need the most urgently, to setting up your first shoot, to keeping your library growing.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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