Six wins at the 2012 Pollie Awards

It feels great to pause from the sometimes-frantic pace of work to look at the big picture.

Bringing home six Pollie Awards, including the Gold winner in International TV election spots, is one of those times.
Here’s the haul:

International Candidate TV (Gold) “Christy Crunch” BC NDP
International Candidate TV (Honorable Mention) “Pride” Manitoba NDP
International Direct Mail – Silver “Popular” Canadian Labour Congress
International Public Affairs TV (Bronze) “Phone rings” Saskatchewan Government and General Employees’ Union
International Radio (Bronze) “If they weren’t” Hospital Employees’ Union
International Newspaper (Bronze) “Expert Care” Ambulance Paramedics of BC/CUPE
Congratulations to our wonderful clients! Click the image below to play “Christy Crunch”

Christy Crunch (BC NDP)


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