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Remembering Jack Layton

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Many members of our NOW Communications team knew Jack – as a client, as a superb political communicator, but above all as our leader.

The first thing that struck us about Jack was the incredible discipline he brought to every interaction he was part of. From our first meeting, we knew this was someone who was determined to get results – big results. From the inner circle of election campaigns to the wider progressive community, Jack demanded the best from everyone, including himself. He left no stone unturned and put everything on the table in the tireless pursuit of better ways to connect with Canadians and promote progressive values. It was thrilling to work with him and his team as he crafted a renewed federal NDP.

Part of our work with Jack over three elections involved shooting photography and film of him interacting with people. The most persuasive leaders we know share a genuine delight in talking to ordinary people. Jack had that spark for people. Whether on a set with a full film crew buzzing around him, or a small photo shoot with our own kids at a nearby hall, he lit up talking to people about what was going on in Canada.

The inheritance Jack leaves his family and all Canadians is a rich one – rich with hope and a vision for a better world. With Jack we moved from the conscience of Canada’s political life into the heart of Canadian values.

We always felt he delivered his most stirring message with: “Don’t let them tell you it can’t be done.” It was Jack to the core.