Animated ads help Manitoba Teachers stand out

Think animation doesn’t work for public issue advertising?

Think again!

There are times when animated ads can be a great option to help get your message noticed.

This fall, the Manitoba Teachers’ Society has launched a back-to-school campaign that features three unique animated ads—each designed to engage teachers, parents and the public across the province.

For too long, public education has been underfunded in Manitoba’s schools. Cuts to education have meant that kids aren’t always able to get the supports they need.

MTS is working to change that. Its new campaign calls on the provincial government to fund public education properly—and deliver the supports that students need, like more one-on-one time and smaller class sizes.

To deliver that message, the new campaign features eye-catching and snappy animated ads that have the power to stand out and get noticed.

It’s a smart move. Because our audiences are busier than ever. And effective ads need to get people’s attention in a split second, especially on social and digital platforms.

Getting noticed is half the battle. And that means the first step to a successful campaign is getting your audience to stop—and look.

Taking an animated approach is a great way to use a simple metaphor or creative hook to connect with your audience fast.

Each of the ads in the new campaign for MTS features a unique creative hook – like “90s trends are making a comeback. Cuts to classroom funding shouldn’t be one of them.”

But they all deliver a consistent message that resonates with everyone who cares about quality, equitable public education:

Funding public education matters. Let’s get it right.

Of course, animation won’t be the right creative approach for every ad campaign. It all depends on the emotional journey that you want to give your audience – and the tone your advertising needs to take to meet your strategic objectives. In most cases, live action scenes that feature real people will be able to deliver a powerful and compelling emotional experience for your viewers.

But keep animation in mind. It might just be the perfect option when you need a fast, fun, and effective way to get people’s attention—and get your message noticed.

Want to talk about the creative potential of animation for your next campaign? Give us a call. We’d love to explore all the options with you.