Building Awareness and Support for Ottawa’s Hospitals and Health Faculties

When you think of health research and innovation, Ottawa should be top of mind. 

It’s the place where better care is being delivered and developed every day – thanks to a unique partnership amongst the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Health Sciences, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), The Ottawa HospitalHôpital MontfortBruyère Continuing Care, and The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre.

Through their close collaboration, these institutions are forming Ottawa’s Academic Health Network. And together, they’re making Ottawa the place to be for world-leading health research and cutting-edge clinical care. 

From unlocking the secrets of genetics to finding novel therapies for rare diseases, new discoveries are occurring every day inside Ottawa’s hospitals and health faculties. And those discoveries are improving care for patients and families around the world.

That’s a story worth sharing.

This spring, the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine – Canada’s first and largest bilingual medical faculty – asked our team to help raise awareness of Ottawa’s Academic Health Network.

Each institution is known for its unique expertise.
What isn’t widely known is the power of their partnership.

The challenge was clear. Each of Ottawa’s hospitals and health faculties has a unique identity, its own character, and strong brand awareness with its key audiences. Each institution is known for its unique expertise. But what isn’t widely known is the power of their partnership.

Our job was to elevate them together. To build awareness amongst medical researchers about Ottawa’s Academic Health Network, we needed to show the connection and collaboration amongst these institutions – and the unique opportunities this cooperation creates for conducting health research in Ottawa.

Working with our production partners, our team filmed new footage inside Ottawa’s hospitals and health faculties. And families, researchers, and staff generously shared their time and stories with our team. 

The result is a beautiful long-form video that welcomed attendees to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame laureate induction ceremony in Ottawa on June 17, 2022. 

The bilingual video showcases the stories and voices of researchers who have chosen to make Ottawa their home. From providing world-class pediatric care to ensuring that planetary health and social accountability are at the heart of medicine, researchers have come from around the world to do exceptional work right here.

Partnership. Connection. Collaboration. Together, they make Ottawa the place for everyone – from world-leading health researchers to the next generation of students – to take their next step forward.