Canadian Cancer Society calls for better access to palliative care

Everyone in Canada has a right to access palliative care. But for too many people and their loved ones, it’s not there when they need it.

This month, the Canadian Cancer Society has launched a new national campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of palliative care—and call for better access for all.

Together, we can get better at palliative care.

About Life

In partnership with advocates across the country, the Canadian Cancer Society is working tirelessly to ensure that everyone in Canada has access to affordable, culturally safe, high-quality palliative care—regardless of where they live and in what setting they choose to receive care.

And our team is proud to help bring the campaign to Canadians.

Together, we’ve created a signature ad, About Life, featuring the voices and stories of real people and their loved ones, sharing their experiences of palliative care and what it’s made possible.

Profiter pleinement de la vie

Airing across Canada this winter in English and French, the ad addresses the biggest misconception about palliative care: It’s not about death. It’s about life. Because access to palliative care lets you focus on what matters, when it matters most.

To create this campaign, our team travelled across the country, meeting Canadians who have lived experience with palliative care and listening to their stories.

We filmed them at home and in their communities, doing the activities they love. And we’re grateful to everyone who generously shared their time with our team.

Let’s make sure everyone in Canada gets better care. To add your voice, visit

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