Celebrating Public Schools and the Dedication of Manitoba’s Teachers

The last two years have been difficult for everyone in our school communities. And a new ad for The Manitoba Teachers’ Society is giving a much-needed boost to educators and parents alike.

With bold and colourful animation, the eye-catching spot celebrates the dedication of teachers – and what it means for students.

Tapping into the desire for hope that we all feel right now, the ad offers an energetic and uplifting reminder of the power of public education. And it’s a perfect example of how to connect with our audience by celebrating what we all value and cherish.

School is where kids grow. And parents see it every day.

When kids get home from school, they always bring something new with them – like a little more confidence, a lot more questions, or even a different pair of shoes!

But what truly makes schools great are the dedicated teachers and school staff who are there for our kids every day – helping them learn and helping them grow. And after two years of the pandemic, more people than ever understand the valuable role that Manitoba’s teachers play in the classroom and in our communities.

By celebrating the power of education, this new ad from MTS is helping to keep education top-of-mind for families and decision-makers as they head into the summer break. And it reinforces the bond that’s shared between Manitoba’s parents and more than 16,000 teachers across the province.

If you’re in Manitoba, catch the campaign on TV, digital, and social platforms through late June.