HSAA’s Powerful Message Reminds Albertans that Health Matters

Sometimes it takes a crisis to see what matters most. And what matters most is our health – and the health of those we love.

That’s the insight behind What Matters, our latest collaboration with the Health Sciences Association of Alberta, which represents nearly 30,000 health care professionals across the province.

‘Health matters’ is a powerful message that resonates with many of us during this pandemic. But in Alberta, where Premier Jason Kenney and his Conservative government are also cutting and privatizing health care services and thousands of jobs, it means even more.

This ad captures the difficult moments that none of us wish to experience; moments when nothing matters more than the health care we need.

First aired in 2020, the ad is back on-air province-wide this spring. With a strong creative theme and consistent messaging over time, HSAA is holding the government accountable for its actions – and motivating Albertans to protect public health care.