New STF campaign shows that cuts can’t be ignored

Back-to-school should be the best time of year. As parents, we have big hopes for our kids. And teachers are doing everything they can to help students thrive.

But as students return to class this year, a new campaign from the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation is putting a spotlight on the biggest problem facing public schools—and delivering a message that’s hard to miss.

Cuts to education in Saskatchewan are getting in the way of learning. And putting too many obstacles in the way of our kids’ success.

STF – Obstacles

From big cities to rural communities, more and more students are feeling the impacts of government cuts to education.

Once a leader in the funding of public schools, Saskatchewan now funds public education worse than seven out of 10 provinces. And the result is clear.

Crowded classrooms. Fewer teachers. And less time for the one-on-one attention that every student needs.

The STF has built a proud reputation as the leading voice for great public education in Saskatchewan. And its new fall campaign is part of its ongoing commitment to speak up for what kids need—and advocate for the best learning conditions for every student.

Launching provincewide on digital, social, Connected TV, and broadcast channels, the new ads put a spotlight on the impacts that cuts are having on our kids.

With bold text that dominates almost every scene, the ads highlight the unmissable impact of cuts in classrooms. They’re causing big problems—and taking up way too much space, when students should be able to focus on learning.

The new video ads are also complemented by custom audio ads that listeners will hear on popular podcasts. Digital audio has become a great way to reach more parents, with podcast audiences growing and nearly half of younger Canadian adults reporting that they tune-in to podcasts each month.

Together, the new campaign is designed to raise public awareness of the impact that underfunding education is having on our kids. But most importantly, the campaign reminds parents that it really doesn’t have to be this way.

With proper funding for public education, Saskatchewan could make it so much easier for our kids to learn—and thrive.