Tackling the climate emergency takes real leadership with a real plan. And bringing people together to make progress takes a strong and thoughtful brand identity, rooted in the pride that people feel and the aspiration to protect our home today – and for future generations.

As the BC government developed one of North America’s leading climate action plans, our team worked with the government to develop the plan’s brand and comprehensive visual identity. Informed by extensive research, we recommended the name CleanBC. Our team of designers brought a crisp, modern, uplifting aesthetic to life with a green-and-blue palette that reflects BC’s incredible land, sea, and air.

The tagline, our nature. our power. our future., speaks to British Columbians’ strong sense of environmental stewardship and pride. It captures the vision and mission of the plan in a single phrase that reflects the power and potential of positive action to make a real difference in the fight against the climate crisis.

Within the CleanBC brand, we’ve created award-winning ads, like Retrofit, to encourage more people to switch to clean energy and lower their emissions. And Faces, which features real people whose work is helping BC tackle the climate emergency, won the Bronze Award for Best TV Campaign (Public Affairs / Issue Advocacy) at the Pollie Awards 2023.