Federal Election 2019


The NDP entered the 2019 federal election effectively written off by political pundits. And as the campaign began, the party was under immense pressure to show itself as a viable force, carve out its own distinctive turf, and introduce a new leader to Canadian voters. A tall order, indeed!

As the strategic partner and ad agency for the campaign team, we created ads across digital, TV, and radio platforms, and coordinated the national media buy. Inexpensively produced, the ads ran on preroll and TV, backed up by radio, digital statics, and a beautifully designed and memorable wrap for the campaign bus, which helped garner earned media praise. We led the development of the campaign’s precision messaging, which came alive with Jagmeet Singh’s uniquely authentic voice. And we contributed our team’s expertise to the party’s strategy, research, and branding throughout the campaign.

By election day, Jagmeet’s approval ratings saw a net increase of 39 points, a remarkable feat for an untested leader. With his natural exuberance and passion for helping people on full display throughout the campaign – and in vital moments like the leaders’ debates – it was possible for millions of Canadians to discover the NDP as the party on their side. It wasn’t a perfect result on election day, but we’re confident Jagmeet Singh and the NDP will keep fighting for people and shaping the national agenda in the minority Parliament.