Health Matters


It’s easy to forget, but nothing’s more important than the health of you and your loved ones. And with cuts to health care on the horizon, HSAA needed to remind Albertans of just how central health care is in their lives.

We worked to develop a campaign with a centrepiece 30 second TV ad, In These Moments, which reminds viewers how health care touches their daily lives – and the difference that quality care makes. The ad features footage of patients and families facing some of life’s hardest, scariest, and happiest moments, inside hospitals and with the support of health care workers. Our team shot the ad inside modern and up-to-date health care facilities to showcase their importance – and the importance of health care investment – in people’s lives. We used bright visuals and natural lighting to demonstrate the hopeful promise of healing, recovery, and growth. And the ad draws an emotional connection between the care provided by health care workers – and the most important experiences in people’s lives.

In These Moments was recognized with the silver award in the State Television—Public Affairs/Issue Advocacy Division at the 2019 AAPC Pollie Awards, and bronze in the Health/Medicine Marketing category at the 2019 Summit Creative Awards.