About life


Palliative care has the power to dramatically improve the quality of life for people experiencing life-limiting illnesses. And every individual and family who needs palliative care services should have the right to access it.

But today, too many people face significant barriers to receiving palliative care at the earliest opportunity in their care journey. The Canadian Cancer Society – the largest national cancer charity in Canada – is working to change that, in partnership with palliative care advocates across the country. And together, we developed a national, bilingual campaign to raise awareness and call for action.

About Life features real people and real stories at the heart of the campaign. We met with and interviewed families across Canada who have experienced the benefits of palliative care. And we filmed beautiful footage in people’s homes – and the places that give the greatest meaning to their lives.

Our 30 second signature ad and 90 second long-form videos share the deeply personal and moving stories of how palliative care improves people’s quality of life. And together, they help to dispel the greatest misconception about palliative care. It’s not about death.

It’s about life.