In Our Communities, For Our Communities

CUPE 503

There’s beauty in a community that works for all of us. And every day, the members of CUPE 503 are delivering vital public services that make Ottawa – and communities across eastern Ontario – truly great places to live.

To celebrate the work being done by its nearly 10,000 members, we helped design a new look, new tagline, and new public awareness campaign for CUPE 503, featuring beautiful footage of members taking care of their communities.

We created a strong and distinctive logo with a fresh colour palette that feels neighbourly, friendly, and accessible. It’s a modern, updated design without being trendy. And the new tagline – In our communities. For our communities. – appears in a script font to convey a personal touch, like a handwritten note from CUPE members to the community.

The new visual brand has a sense of personality that’s down-to-earth and relatable. And it expresses CUPE members’ connection to providing the best public services for the communities that they’re proud to call home.