Workers Share the Benefits of Union Membership in New Ad for UFCW

Joining a union has real benefits – like better wages, job security, and safety at work. Who better to share that message than union members?

Together with UFCW 832, the largest private sector union in Manitoba, the NOW team created a new ad for an organizing campaign that puts members front and centre.

I am with UFCW. I have all these things.
You can have them too.

UFCW member

With members speaking to camera about the benefits that come with union membership – and inviting more workers to join the union – the ad delivers an authentic and aspirational message. 

UFCW’s “My Story.”

For many non-unionized workers, joining a union can be daunting. It can be hard to figure out how to do it, whether it’s worth it, and where to start. And it’s scary when bad bosses try to stop workers from organizing.

At its heart, this ad is an invitation. It’s about showing non-unionized workers that UFCW’s doors are open – and everyone is welcome to join.

This ad also helps viewers connect with what every worker wants from their job: the ability to build a better life. And that’s exactly what UFCW 832 helps its members achieve by fighting for living wages, health benefits, pension plans, safety on the job, and so much more.

As one of the members says in the ad, “I am with UFCW. I have all these things. You can have them too.”

Most importantly, this ad is working. Since launching the ad late last year, UFCW has connected with a number of workers not currently represented by a union. 

We wish UFCW all the success in their continued efforts to make life better for working people.