New digital campaign offers a fresh take on Seamless Childcare Now

Every parent knows. It’s a struggle to find childcare. And once you’ve got it, the daily routine can be hectic.

Rushing for drop-off. Running late for pick-up. Juggling schedules. And always racing against the clock. It’s a daily struggle for busy families, adding stress and worry that parents—and kids—just don’t need.

What if there was a better way to deliver safe, affordable, and accessible childcare for thousands of BC families?

Now, there is!

CUPE BC has been campaigning for public childcare for years. In their latest digital campaign, Seamless Childcare Now, they’re continuing the fight. And our team is proud to partner with BC’s largest union to help make life better for parents.

While BC is making progress to improve public childcare and reduce costs for families, there’s more to do. And seamless childcare in public schools is the perfect next step.

By putting empty classrooms to use and delivering before- and after-school childcare inside all of BC’s public schools, the province can create thousands of new spaces for school-aged childcare without building a single new facility. And BC’s education support workers are trained, qualified, and ready to deliver the before- and after-school childcare that families need.

It’s a practical solution. And for parents, it couldn’t be easier. One drop-off, one pick-up, and the confidence of knowing that your kids are getting the care they need, at school, all day long.

Our brand new digital ads take a creative approach to engaging BC’s parents, showing that empty classrooms are one of BC’s greatest untapped resources. Instead of leaving parents to worry about making complicated childcare arrangements, seamless childcare is the simple solution that could make life so much easier for families—and deliver the safe, affordable, and accessible childcare we all need for our kids.

At The NOW Group, we love building fresh and engaging digital campaigns that connect with parents—and help build support for the public services that make life better for people. And every day, we work with our clients to support and improve public education for millions of kids across Canada.

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