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NOW Wins 4 Awards in Marketing Effectiveness

Every campaign has a purpose. And the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards recognize excellence in marketing campaigns that do what they’re supposed to do. It’s about changing minds and shifting behaviours. And it takes smart strategy, top-notch creative, and a talented production crew. Our team is thrilled to win 4 awards at the 2021 Summit Marketing...

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Our Favourite Ads of 2021

Great ads have the power to make you giggle. Or bring you to the edge of tears. Tell a story in seconds. And change your mind, forever. They can be beautiful and cinematic. Or simple – and effective. But no matter what, great ads make us feel something. They stick with us. And leave impressions...

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Believe in What’s Possible

It’s a huge privilege to work as the lead ad agency with Jagmeet Singh and Canada’s NDP. And we couldn’t be more proud to help Jagmeet bring his message to millions of people during Election 2021.

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Ottawa’s municipal professionals rise to the challenge

We love getting to know people. Listening to their stories. Hearing their voices. Understanding them a little better. And sharing those stories with others.

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NOW Wins 12 Awards at the International Summit Creative Awards

It’s an honour to be nominated. And it’s a thrill to win! We’re excited to announce that The NOW Group has won 12 awards at the 2021 Summit Creative Awards, featuring over 3,800 entries from 20 countries.

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Big Win for BC Hospital Workers Means Better Wages and Stronger Public Health Care

Great campaigns matter. They change minds. Get attention. And compel action. But the best part? Campaigns can change people’s lives for the better.

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What Does Pride Mean to You?

Pride can mean many things to many people. It can be a time to enjoy oneself and be in community with others. A time to acknowledge the progress made on issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community and to remember how much more needs to be done to make everyone feel welcomed and safe. For some, it...

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Build Support for Climate Action With These 3 Essential Tools of Strategic Comms

Talk won’t solve the climate emergency. We need action. But smart strategic communications are essential to building public support for the fight against the climate crisis – and for the urgent solutions we need.