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New ads for CUPE 503 show the beauty in working for our communities

If you’ve ever been to Ottawa or Eastern Ontario, you know it’s a beautiful place. But it’s not just the natural beauty of a lush green valley, stunning fall foliage, or snowy hills. There’s beauty here—in the work that thousands of people do to build our communities up and bring us together. 

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Short Story: The Museum of Winter

Love it or curse it, winter is a defining feature of life in Canada, but we are seeing it change and recede as the climate crisis takes its toll. This story imagines a future where the season has disappeared entirely. What remains when the snow is gone for good?

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Canadian Cancer Society calls for better access to palliative care

Everyone in Canada has a right to access palliative care. But for too many people and their loved ones, it’s not there when they need it. This month, the Canadian Cancer Society has launched a new national campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of palliative care—and call for better access for all.

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Year in review: 5 memorable ads from 2022

With the new year on the horizon, it’s time for a holiday tradition at The NOW Group! Every December, we love celebrating some of the most creative, moving, and memorable ads we’ve seen over the past year—from all over the world.

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30 years of great campaigns for good causes

As 2022 turns into 2023, we’re taking a look at some of the most memorable ads that our teams have created over the past 30 years. Enjoy!

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5 best practices for effective health promotion campaigns

Can advertising help solve the most complex challenges facing our communities and our loved ones? The answer is yes. Compelling, persuasive, and well-planned campaigns can be highly effective tools for raising public awareness about tough topics. When they’re done right, public awareness campaigns to reduce stigma, keep people safe, and encourage healthy behaviour change can...

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Animated ads help Manitoba Teachers stand out

Think animation doesn’t work for public issue advertising? Think again! There are times when animated ads can be a great option to help get your message noticed. This fall, the Manitoba Teachers’ Society has launched a back-to-school campaign that features three unique animated ads—each designed to engage teachers, parents and the public across the province....

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Did it get a laugh? 5 ways humour can work for you

Every successful ad does one thing right. No matter what it’s trying to say or sell, a great ad has the perfect tone to meet its audience in the moment. When it comes to public issue advertising, most campaigns take a serious tone. But there are times when the moment or the issue creates an...