NOW honoured for ad tech innovation at 2023 Pollie Awards

We turned to cutting-edge technology to build last fall’s eye-catching campaign for the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario.

Now we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve won the silver award for Best Ad Technology Innovation at the 2023 Pollie Awards!

The NOW Group is the only Canadian ad agency to win at this year’s Pollies, a competition dominated by the biggest names in American political advertising—like the Lincoln Project.

And we couldn’t be prouder to be recognized for Learning Comes Alive, an ad that showcases the importance of properly funded public education for our kids.

Fresh. Unique. Unexpected.

Learning Comes Alive captures the beautiful feeling of exploration and discovery that’s inherent in the promise of public education. And it reminds our audience that public schools need our support more than ever.


ETFO Learning Comes Alive 2022

To turn that story into a 30 second spot, we turned to cutting-edge technology—the same tech used by shows like The Mandalorian and Star Trek: Discovery— to portray characters transported to distant worlds.

Shot on a motion-tracked camera on a set surrounded on all sides by 17-foot-high LED screens, the ad shows a classroom transformed into a journey of endless possibility for students.


It’s a vivid display of how a day at school can become so much more. From learning about distant galaxies to exploring the world around us, teachers and educators truly do bring learning to life for our kids.

And they need our support.

Our concept shows how public schools can bring learning to life, opening new worlds of opportunity and potential for every child. But to make it happen in Ontario, schools need proper funding to support the work of educators. And every classroom needs the right resources and supports to meet students’ unique needs.

To learn more about ETFO’s continuing work to improve public education for all students, visit