BCTF launches new campaign to fix the teacher shortage

The BC Teachers’ Federation has launched a new digital and social campaign to raise awareness of the teacher shortage inside BC’s schools. And the message is clear.

It’s time to fix it.

We all know that it takes a teacher to provide the supports and opportunities that students need. And school just isn’t school without a teacher for every class.

But today, there’s a shortage of teachers in BC. It’s being felt in communities across the province. And it’s impacting more students in more classrooms.

Without enough teachers, BC schools are pulling librarians, special education teachers, teachers for English Language Learners, and others out of their own duties to cover classrooms. That impacts everyone in the school, causing library closures and disruptions in supports for the most vulnerable learners.

A shortage of teachers should not be the new normal. That’s why the BCTF is working to raise public awareness—and call for change.

BCTF – Morning Announcements

The new campaign features two signature ads, which use different creative approaches to show how the shortage is impacting both teachers and students.

Morning Announcements feels light-hearted, but it’s not far-fetched. Featuring kids’ facial expressions as they react to what the teacher shortage will mean for their school day, the ad focuses attention on how the shortage is impacting kids. It’s frustrating—and they can feel it.

Hallway Shuffle takes a different approach to show how BC’s teachers are being pulled in every direction—because there just aren’t enough of them. As one teacher moves back and forth between rooms, viewers see that teachers are doing their best, but no one can be in two places at once.

Launched in mid-April, the ads are being featured on digital and social channels throughout May.

By investing in students and the province’s public schools, BC can find the right solutions to solve the teacher shortage and ensure every student can focus on learning.

After all, it’s as true as ever.

Our kids and their teachers are worth investing in.

BCTF – Hallway Shuffle