NOW Wins 4 Awards at the 2022 Pollie Awards

The work we do isn’t about winning awards. 

It’s about winning real results for people, winning hearts and minds for good causes, and winning positive change in people’s lives.

But once in a while, it’s a nice perk to be recognized for making top-notch persuasive ads – that get noticed by our peers in the advertising industry.

We’re thrilled to announce that our work with Canada’s NDP has been recognized with four awards at the 2022 Pollie Awards, sponsored by the American Association of Political Consultants

For our team, it was a huge privilege to work as the lead ad agency with Jagmeet Singh and Canada’s NDP in the 2021 federal election. And we couldn’t be more proud to help Jagmeet bring his message to millions of Canadians during the campaign. 

Judged alongside the best work from Democratic campaigns across the US, it’s an honour to be recognized by the Pollies for delivering a fully-integrated ad campaign designed to reach more people than ever.

Best in Show – Democrat

We developed a unified campaign brand with a look-and-feel that reflected what people love most about Jagmeet. It’s fresh, energetic, and aspirational – just like him! And with an upbeat and relentlessly positive campaign from day one, the NDP offered Canadians a refreshing and optimistic choice. Because better is possible.

To connect with voters, we crafted ads in 10 languages. And the NDP was the only party to run tight 10 second ads on broadcast TV – a great way of reaching our audience again and again.

Best Digital or Internet Campaign – Democrat
Bronze Award

Our innovative media strategy delivered huge digital reach – achieving over 97 million digital impressions. From smartphones and Connected TV to podcast ads and elevator screens, we helped Canadians see more – and hear more – of the NDP’s positive message. 

Most Original/Innovative Collateral Material – Democrat
Gold Award

Jagmeet’s brand of politics is all about being with people. So we brought the ad campaign to where people are at! We reached people on the street with wild postings, met them on transit with a streetcar takeover in Toronto, and joined them on screens in restaurants and bars, salons and apartment elevators.

Our goal? Connect with people in a split-second. And put a smile on more faces.

Best Use of Negative or Contrast – Democrat
Bronze Award

After six years of disappointment from Prime Minister Trudeau, the NDP offered progressive voters a message of hope and optimism. This ad, His Votes, uses real footage of Trudeau voting against the very policies he claimed to champion. By leaning into verifiable facts backed up with footage from parliamentary votes, this ad gives voters new information that they deserved to know.

We’re proud of a campaign that showed what people love about Jagmeet. He’s real, honest, and down-to-earth. And we’re honoured to be recognized amongst the top political campaigns of 2021 from across North America.

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