Ottawa’s municipal professionals rise to the challenge

We love getting to know people.

Listening to their stories. Hearing their voices. Understanding them a little better.

And sharing those stories with others.

When the COVID pandemic changed all our lives overnight, people in our communities stepped up to help.

In Ottawa, thousands of municipal professionals jumped into action.

They moved to the frontlines, learned new skills fast, and went everywhere they were needed to keep Ottawans safe – and help the city get through this pandemic.

There’s a problem? I’m going to fix it.”


Like Ashley, a museum exhibition officer, who spent five months bringing joy to seniors during COVID isolation in a long-term care home.

Like Shannon, a paramedic commander who has helped keep patients safe. And kept paramedics safe, too.

And Rachel, a strategic programs and project officer, whose team is helping to find and create safe shelter options for hundreds of people, who otherwise would be sleeping on the streets at night.

This is a united effort to support communities.”


CIPP – the union representing professionals at the City of Ottawa, Ottawa Public Health, and Ottawa Community Housing – is recognizing these incredible stories with a new public campaign this November.

And the NOW team is proud to help.

Building a campaign with layered media tactics

Our team has designed a compelling – and cost-effective – campaign to reach Ottawans at home and on the go.

By layering our media tactics, the campaign is reaching our primary audiences at multiple touchpoints.

You’ll hear the campaign during radio traffic reports – and see it on transit ads throughout the city.

You’ll find it across social platforms, while listening to podcasts, and in the Ottawa Citizen.

Every tactic helps our audience meet the real people who are working to get the city through the pandemic.

From decoding the spread of COVID to keeping seniors safe and improving access to vaccines, Ottawa’s municipal professionals have risen to the challenges.

At, you can find the personal stories of how municipal professionals have stepped up to keep people safe – and help end the pandemic.

Putting personal stories at the heart of a campaign

Building a campaign around personal stories is a fantastic example of how any union can increase awareness – and public appreciation – for the work their members do.

What’s one of the most inspiring parts of this campaign?  

Hearing CIPP members talk about their commitment. And why more people should consider a career in public service.

As Cynthia, a nurse who has delivered vaccines – and hope – to thousands of Ottawans, says:

“Do it! You can really make a difference.”