Believe in What’s Possible

It’s a huge privilege to work as the lead ad agency with Jagmeet Singh and Canada’s NDP.

And we couldn’t be more proud to help Jagmeet bring his message to millions of people during Election 2021.

Jagmeet connects with so many of us.

He inspires people who have never seen themselves – or heard their stories – reflected in politics.

And he gives voice to a vision for a better future: fairer, more just, and more hopeful.

Our unified campaign brand helped carry Jagmeet’s message across every platform.

And we delivered a custom-built and fully-integrated ad campaign, designed to reach more people than ever.

Here’s how we did it.

We put Jagmeet’s passion and enthusiasm at the heart of the campaign brand. Our goal? To ensure that the campaign would live-and-breathe Jagmeet’s positive energy.

The look-and-feel of the campaign was built to reflect what people know and love about Jagmeet.

It’s fresh, energetic, and aspirational – just like him.

The reality of federal politics is that the NDP is always climbing a big hill. It’s not easy to get attention and persuade voters, when you’re up against powerful Liberal and Conservative machines.

By running an upbeat and relentlessly positive campaign from day one, Jagmeet offers people something different – and refreshing.

From his opening TV ad through to every tactic across multiple platforms, Jagmeet’s positivity was front-and-centre, inviting people to believe in what’s possible.

As he says in the ad that set the tone for the campaign, “Optimistic? Yeah. Because I know better is possible.”

Our ad, Biggest Influence, features Jagmeet (and his mom) sharing the beliefs that drive him forward – to fight for people every day.

We showed how the NDP is getting results for people. The past two years have been incredibly difficult for millions of working people. But the NDP has fought to get more help for more people, faster.

And they’ve delivered. From doubling CERB to $2,000, extending it to 28 weeks, and saving millions of jobs with a 75% wage subsidy, Jagmeet and the NDP have gotten real results for Canadians.

New Democrats have used their power in the minority Parliament to get more help for more people, faster.

We met people where they are. Jagmeet’s brand is all about being with people, where they’re at. Politics isn’t about Ottawa. It’s about you and your family.

So we brought the ad campaign to where people are – with tactics designed to reach voters in their living rooms and on their commutes, watching videos on their tablets, listening to podcasts, and playing games on their phones.

We reached people on the street with wild postings, met them on transit with a streetcar takeover in Toronto, and joined them on screens in restaurants and bars, salons and apartment elevators.

Our playful elevator ads were designed to connect with people in a split-second. The best way to do that? Put a smile on someone’s face.

We developed an innovative media strategy that achieved over 97 million digital impressions. From smartphones and Connected TV to podcast ads and elevator screens, our talented media team designed a buy for 7 digital platforms and 6 out-of-home platforms – to reach Canadians multiple times at multiple touchpoints.

It was a strategy that delivered huge digital reach.

The best part? Showing up and reaching our primary audiences in communities that have rarely seen advertising from the NDP before.

To connect with voters, we crafted beautiful and compelling ads – in 10 languages. We ensured that millions of Canadians could see the ads in their first languages – from Inuktitut to Punjabi, Arabic to Portuguese.

The NDP was also the only party to run tight 10 second ads on broadcast TV – an innovative way of making a frequent impression on our audience.

We delivered Jagmeet’s message with a series of tight 10 second ads for broadcast TV. The NDP was the only party to take advantage of this innovative format.

We showed what people love about Jagmeet. He’s real, honest, and down-to-earth.

In one of the closing ads of the campaign, Jagmeet sat on a front step and spoke directly to Canadians. And his message took on strategic voting directly, offering voters a powerful call to action: “We can do the things that Mr. Trudeau never delivers on.”

The ad took a candid approach, showing what people love about Jagmeet: his ability to speak directly to Canadians and make an authentic connection.

In one of his closing ads, Jagmeet took on strategic voting directly, offering Canadians a positive alternative. “We can do the things that Mr. Trudeau never delivers on.”

Curious about how to use brand new tactics in your next ad campaign? Want to talk about how to build your own unified brand?

We’re always here to help. Together, let’s do some good.