Our Favourite Ads of 2021

Great ads have the power to make you giggle. Or bring you to the edge of tears.

Tell a story in seconds. And change your mind, forever.

They can be beautiful and cinematic. Or simple – and effective.

But no matter what, great ads make us feel something. They stick with us. And leave impressions that last.

Here’s just a few of our team’s favourite ads from around the world in 2021. Enjoy!

Government of France – Parce que l’on rêve tous de se retrouver, vaccinons-nous !

This heart-warming scene of two children racing to hug their grandmother conveys one of the best reasons to get vaccinated: It’s the way to embrace our loved ones again.

100% Pure New Zealand – Travelling Under the Social Influence

New Zealand welcomed tourists back in 2021 with an appeal to avoid travelling under the “social influence” – and share something new.

Visit Sweden – Discover the Originals

The folks at Sweden’s national tourism agency sure know how to connect with an international audience. And they want us to forget about IKEA!

Mint Mobile – Dream Job

A sequel to Match Made in Hell, Ryan Reynolds delivers again – with a hilarious ad featuring the newest employee at Big Wireless.

UNICEF – Don’t Let the Vaccine Become a Luxury

An incredibly simple concept, this 30 second ad and print campaign from Norway delivers a message that’s as important today as ever.

Inspired by Iceland – Icelandverse

Just try not laughing out loud at Inspired by Iceland’s response to the “Metaverse.”

Deutsche Welle – Sleepless Nights for Autocrats

With the perfect soundtrack and just a few simple lines of text, this ad from Germany’s international broadcaster delivers the message that DW’s journalism makes it harder for autocrats to sleep at night.

Government of Chile – Campaña #YoNoFui

You don’t have to understand Spanish to understand the message of this ad. We also love the gorgeous artistic direction.

From everyone at The NOW Group, happy holidays and happy new year!