If you’re feeling stressed about the future, you’re not alone.

From the impact of the climate crisis on our communities, to just paying the bills and making ends meet every month, there’s a lot to worry about. But taking action can help turn that worry into something positive and productive.

It’s the difference between being scared about the future – and working to help change it for the better.

That’s the insight behind PSAC North’s new campaign to protect public services and stop privatization plans across northern Canada. By protecting what’s already working – like the strong public services that families rely on – people can help protect good local jobs and protect the ability of northern communities to tackle the challenges they face.

The NOW team is thrilled to work with PSAC to create this ad and to help protect public services. Along with an incredible crew from our production partner, Play Creative, and an amazing photographer in Adam Reiland, we spent the final week of January filming in Whitehorse, Yellowknife, and Iqaluit. 

These are communities separated by 3,300 kilometres. But they’re connected by strong public services and thousands of dedicated public sector workers. And meeting these workers – the members of PSAC – was the highlight of our week.

We met a man who set up a food bank in his community’s school so that kids can help themselves to food on their way home – no questions asked. Because no one should ever have to ask for food.

We met firefighters whose gloves freeze almost instantly, when they turn on the hose to put out a blaze. 

And we met an Elder dressed in beautiful traditional clothing who lit the Qulliq, a traditional oil lamp, and welcomed us to her community. Like every family and Elder in the north, she relies on the services that public sector workers provide, day in and day out.

If you ever happen to forget why it’s so important to protect public services for today and tomorrow, just go meet a public service worker. Thank them for the work they’re doing. And tell them that you’ll help pressure our governments – municipal, provincial, territorial, and federal – to make their jobs better.

Whether you’re in a remote community in the north, or in downtown Toronto or Vancouver, you’ll meet the most amazing people. And you’ll know exactly why public services are worth fighting for – and worth protecting for the future.

Heather Fraser is President and CEO of The NOW Group.