Celebrating CUPE at 50: five decades of great stories to tell

CUPE 50th anniversary logoOne of the most powerful uses of video is to tell our own stories. And for labour unions, that can be especially important: the labour story is compelling, but not one that often finds voice in the mainstream media.

So we have to tell those stories ourselves. And when you’re a union with a long, inspiring history, rich with victories both for your own members and for Canadians at large, telling those stories and reminding us all of what’s possible is a service to everyone.

That’s what the Canadian Union of Public Employees has done to celebrate its 50th anniversary. In a collection of five videos, CUPE tells the story of half a century of standing up on behalf of public-sector workers and the vital public services they deliver.

We are proud to have helped them do it, and we’re delighted with the results. It was a healthy reminder of just how far we’ve come, and just how many rights we take for granted today that were actually the result of hard-fought struggles — from workplace safety, to the right of women to opt to wear pants (instead of skirts or dresses) in the workplace, to greater LGBT equality in the courts and in the workplace.

It’s made us even prouder to be working with our friends at CUPE, and with labour unions across this country. We hope you’ll be inspired watching these videos — to continue your important work, but maybe also to start setting aside some video clips, photos and news clippings for your next big anniversary.





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