Designing a New Look, New Magazine to Support Saskatchewan’s teachers

At NOW, we love great design. And not just the type that keeps us scrolling through Instagram.

From graphics that grab attention to visual identities that engage and reflect our audiences, great design has the power to help your message go further – and bring more people into the conversation.

In our latest design project, we’ve partnered with the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation, representing about 13,000 teachers across the province, to design a new look for their new magazine.

For over 80 years, the STF’s newspaper – the Bulletin – has been a must-read source of information for teachers across the province. And this spring, we helped the STF build on that proud reputation with a fresh new approach to support the work and well-being of today’s teachers. 

The new Bulletin magazine features more voices, more resources, and more ways of engaging educators. Every edition will feature stories that reflect the diversity of Saskatchewan’s schools – and help support efforts to build more inclusive classrooms and communities. 

Check out the first edition here. 

The new design is bright, bold, and celebratory. It reflects a vibrant profession – and the promise that public education holds for every child. 

Our design team was inspired by the STF’s logo, which includes a prism that refracts and reflects light. It’s a powerful symbol of how public education opens new worlds of opportunity. 

As part of this spring’s launch, enhanced digital offerings make it easier for readers to access the Bulletin online and share articles across social media. Paired with our new approach in print, the magazine will deliver content that remains relevant for longer than just a typical newsfeed. 

After all, great design isn’t just about drawing your audience’s attention once. Beautiful and compelling visual approaches have the power to draw people in again and again. That makes great design an essential part of growing your audience – and building your community of supporters. 

Want to talk about design? Looking for a fresh approach to your organization’s own member communications and visual identity? 

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