New MGEU ads profile the real people - and services - behind the word "clerical"

Sometimes a vague phrase can hide an important idea — or some important people.

Take "clerical workers". For most people, those words probably don't create much of a picture in their heads. Whatever image they do get probably involves paper and not much else.

That's partly because a lot of the work those employees do happens behind the scenes. Their jobs are a big part of what makes the work of more visible public-sector workers — such as teachers, firefighters, nurses or librarians — as effective and valuable as it is.

That's the challenge the Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union decided to take on with their latest campaign: replacing that vague image with real human faces.

To help them do that, we turned to their members — and the valuable services they provide for Manitoba families. These two ads feature actual MGEU members, and connects the work they do to viewers' real-world experiences.

Think about your own members, the services they provide and the issues they face. If there's some vague phrase concealing their value from public view, you may be able to bring that value life for your audience by introducing them to the real people behind the buzzwords.

Name: NOW Communications Group

Location: Canada-wide with offices in Vancouver, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto and Halifax

Bio: Full service advertising. Social marketing. Union communications. Electoral campaigns. Change marketing. NGOs & associations. Video, online & interactive. Training & coaching.


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