Why NOW uses ACTRA talent… and you should, too

We’re lucky to work with clients and campaigns with great stories. And when you have great stories, you want to be sure the storyteller is every bit as compelling.

That’s why we work so closely with ACTRA members to make our radio, TV and online video content. And for unions who want to get the word out, it’s the most natural fit around.

Go Actra

Go Actra

And that’s why ACTRA decided to tell their story to delegates at this year’s national Canadian Labour Congress convention in Montreal. We helped them create this video to show at convention, combining ACTRA national president Ferne Downey’s warm direct-to-camera delivery with examples from union ads we’ve produced with great ACTRA talent.

The talent comes through on-screen, but just as important is what you don’t see: the fact that these actors are compensated with fair wages and benefits. That aligns with our values and those of our clients. And it helps ensure there’s a large corps of actors whose careers offer enough stability to let them keep growing professionally.

Of course, sometimes your members or leaders will be your most powerful messengers – like president Downey is in this case. But when you want to dramatize your message, or deliver it with the skill and nuance that only a trained professional can offer, ACTRA’s the way to go.

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