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7 Top Ads of the US Election

As the US election finally draws to a close, we’re taking a look back at some of the best ads of the campaign. From the start of the primaries to the final sprint to the finish line, we’ve seen incredibly powerful ads – and some downright awful ones – from campaigns and political action committees....

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Debating a Racist Bully: How Can Biden Improve?

Now we know what a Trump versus Biden debate looks like. And with Trump at his ugly and petulant worst, it’s even more painfully hard to watch than anticipated. If you felt a tight knot of worry and fear deep down in the pit of your stomach, you weren’t alone. It’s incredibly disturbing to see...

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8 Winning Debate Tactics That Can Help All Communicators

It’s a big night as American presidential debate season gets underway. And Joe Biden and Donald Trump have a lot riding on their performances. How will Biden take on Trump, when there’s just so much to go after? ($750, anyone?) Will Trump be able to throw Biden off message – and off his game plan?...

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NOW Wins Eight Awards at Top International Competition

We’re thrilled to announce that NOW’s creative and strategic work has won eight awards at the 2020 Summit Creative Awards for excellence in advertising. Congratulations to all of our clients and production partners across the country! With more than 4,100 submissions from 27 countries, the Summit Creative Awards recognize the achievements of small- and medium-sized...

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Heartwarming scenes help HEU thank British Columbians and all health care workers

How do you say thank you, when thank you isn’t enough? You show how you feel. And that’s exactly what Canadians are doing, every evening, to applaud health care workers.  From balconies and porches, front steps and driveways, people are using anything we can – pots, pans, voices, and hands – to show our gratitude for the dedicated...

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The first-ever NOW Reading List celebrates World Book Day!

It’s World Book Day! And with everyone stuck at home during this pandemic, there’s never been a better time to crack open a great book, step into someone else’s shoes, and set out to explore the world with new eyes. As a creative agency, our team likes to read. A lot. And we keep those...

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Lessons of the crisis: This isn’t the ‘great equalizer’

The winning tagline for the Covid crisis seems to be “We’re in it together.” It might be new as a rallying cry, but it’s always been true. We just didn’t talk about it before. This pandemic is not the ‘great equalizer,’ as Madonna declared from her $5,000, petal-filled bathtub. Those who were already struggling are being hit...

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We’re all safely keeping our distance from… well, everyone. But thanks to video calling, so many things are still possible.  Working from home? Check.  Connecting with family? Check. Hosting cocktail hour a little more often than ever before? Check. And handing out awards for the year’s best in political advertising? Check. We’re thrilled to announce that our...